Movado's Story [TM]

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Movado's Story [TM]

Post  Chimera on Thu May 22, 2008 9:24 pm

Movado's Story is about a young colt, he grows into a yearling and finally meets his love of his life, Angel, she was beautiful, he loved her but she was always with another colt, Black Out, he was stronger than Movado even though they were the same age, Movado grew up without ever seeing her again, But one day, when he was a young stallion, he found her, he loved her very much but...Black Out...the stallion she was with since she was little was still with her, Angel loved Movado but was afraid if she left Black Out she would get deeply hurt, Will Movado and Angel be together? Or will Black Out keep them seperated for ever? Find Out On....Movado's Story.


Movado ~ Played By Me

Personality:Brave, Sweet, Playful, Young
Extra:He acts weak because he doesnt know how strong he really is.


Personality:Kind, Loving, Friendly, Playful
Extra:She was in love with Movado but she never saw him since she was 1, she has fallen for Black Out, but she loved Movado More

Thats not a very good picture, Ill try to find a better one...

Black Out ~ Played By Garfy - Scarf

Personality:Flirty, Protective over Angel, Mean, Mysterious, Evil
Extra:He seems to love Angel but he seems to also only like her to mess with Movado, but he isnt mean to Angel, but he is EVIL to Movado, he is also 18'hh

I now only 3 people can you can call it and I will choose who gets it...I dont know...just ask me who you want to be and I will check it out, PM me with who you want to be...dont just go ahead and play after you PMed me, I will see who gets the character...Okay?

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Now, Have Fun!!! cheers

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