Beautiful Freedom. A Dun Anglo-Arab mare. Mis-treated and malnurished. Sad and lonely

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Beautiful Freedom. A Dun Anglo-Arab mare. Mis-treated and malnurished. Sad and lonely

Post  LilyGrey on Fri Jun 20, 2008 9:23 pm

-Beautiful Freedom's Story and History-
Freedom had been living with her dam and sire and their herd for a year. A stallion then came and killed her sire and took her mother for himself. That was the last she saw of them. When she tried to join the other foals from her foalhood herd, she was kicked out because of her unusual colouring. She insisted she joined until they nearly killed her by beating her. That is how she got the scar under her mane.
Then she wondered for a week till she came to another herd. ((It is similar to these lands)) She rested and became her usual strength and grew a hand. She had her scar under her neck but apart from that she was perfectly fine. She went to the Mare's waiting territory and a colt came for her. He was and Anglo-Arab too, but he got killed so the stallion could have her. She was 2 then and he took her. He forced her to have his foal but it died a day later as a cougar got it. That stallion beat her up for it until a mare from the herd a couple of years older than her helped her escape. The mare's name was Pixie but soon was killed by the stallion that they just escaped from. Then Freedom was 2 and a half years old.
She wandered for 3 days and 2 nights when she found a lone colt wandering like her. He seemed nice when they met so she accepted his offer as to becoming his lead mare for his herd. His name was Farid. He was the perfect stallion until 2 days later and he ignored her. When she started wandering and she got back to his herd he beat her up for leaving him. Another stallion came and beat him up for bashing her but didn't kill him. He seemed nice but was too fierce. ((The other stallion)) It then started again. Farid was nice to her but then a week after he started ignoring her and didn't let her graze or drink. She then became under weight and malnurished. Like she is now. She ended up running away and he never found her.
That is when she found this place. She does not trust stallions and is now old enough to flee or fight for herslef if it happens again.

Beautiful Freedom ((Freedom, B.F, Beau, Free or Beautiful. Sometimes called Princess.)) limped in; sore and tired. She had sprained her leg and split her hoof. She had battle scars on her muzzle and neck. She also had bite marks and hoof marks on her head and rump. She sighed shakily and neighed sadly. She was malnurished, thin and neglected.
She drank her fill then ate. When she was finished she walked very slowly to a large tree and lyed down under it.

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